Young man married a rice cooker, but their marriage cracked on the fourth day

The perfect wife

Finding a decent partner is always not easy, and creating a strong family for many of today’s young people is completely exhausting work. We will tell you an instructive story of an Indonesian young man who decided to outwit fate, but fell victim to his own desires.

The path to the man’s heart passes through the stomach. And who can take care of the stomach better than a rice cooker?

We are talking about a real electric rice cooker, a kitchen appliance.

Khoirul Anam was more than serious when he married a rice cooker. It is not entirely clear how officials from the local Registry office went about it, but the fact is that the relevant documents were issued, and the event itself was covered in the media.

The groom claimed to be very happy. The bride modestly kept quiet.

Many were envious. It’s almost the perfect wife!

Alas, family happiness did not last long. After 4 days, Khoirul Anam wrote on his page that he was forced to divorce the rice cooker. They say it was not easy to realize that there is no perfection in the world and everyone has their own shortcomings. The decision was difficult, but it was made. It’s better to break it now than to suffer the whole life.

And then suddenly the ugly truth was revealed. It turns out that hubby just decided to cheat on his wife with a bunch of other rice cookers!

What a reveller! The old “wife” was plain, beige, and the new “friends” are all so patterned, pretty. It is not difficult to understand the motives of the young man. Everything is as usual.

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