Young guy married a 51-year-old woman: how they live now

Time was the only proof of their sincere and pure love

Couples and marriages with a great age difference have always been in the center of attention. The case becomes even more intriguing when the wife is much older than the husband.

This was the case with this spouses, who married in 2000.

17-year-old Jay Barham married a driving school instructor – 51-year-old Linda. The spouses first met at the driving school. They didn’t even realize how their close relationship turned into something more.

Both Jay’s and Linda’s families and friends were against their union. They all condemned the woman for seducing the young guy. However, none of these evil tongues managed to separate the loving couple. Finally, they married each other!

People started referring to Linda as a kidnapper, who managed to charm the inexperienced guy and make him fall in love with her.

The guy’s parents hoped that one day Jay would come to his senses and realize his mistake. Linda had children, who didn’t accept their stepfather, who was younger than them.

Only time could prove their sincere love and devotion. Their feeling where pure and they sis love each other.

20 years have passed since their wedding. During this time, the spouses decided to set up a family business and opened a small shop of sweets. The spouses spend their free time and energy on Linda’s 7 grandchildren. Unfortunately, they don’t have children together.

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