Young girls met unexpectedly and became close friends

Their friendship has completely changed their life

One of the girls was playing lacrosse. She looked strong and healthy, but had no hair on her head. Many people think the girl has cancer, but it’s not the case. The problem is, that Carson – the young girl – suffers from alopecia. She is only 9 years old.

Unfortunately, the disease bring about hair loss.

Carson used to have air until she turned 6 years old. Then the hair loss process started. The girl admits, she really enjoyed styling her hair different ways every day, but now it has all fallen out.

One day, while playing lacrosse, Carson met a woman named Scarlett. When the girl asked, Scarlett admitted she had also suffered from the same disease.

The two met at the sunset. Scarlett says she keeps visiting the girl at her house. She brings ice cream, and they spent some time together.

Having survived the awful disease, Scarlett is now filled with strength, and helps others with her kindness and support.

The girls are now best friends. Their unique friendship has made their life much more interesting and pleasant.

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