«You won’t recognize Italian actress Sophia Loren now. 😥She was considered one of the most attractive women of her era.»

She is starting her first film role in nearly a decade for a film that her 46-year-old son Edoardo Ponti is directing.
Sophia Loren was back on set for her upcoming movie, The Life Before Us, in which she plays a wheelchair-using caregiver for the kids of sex workers.

The 84-year-old Italian film queen had a blank expression for the scene on Wednesday in Bari, Italy, while her teenage co-star pushed her around in a wheelchair. With her understyled hair and lack of makeup, Sophia’s ensemble was cheery and vibrant, as she donned a white shirt with a red shawl over it.

Her red sandals tied into the color scheme, and her character’s outfit included a red-and-white floral skirt. The co-star of the Two Women actress wore casual attire, shrugging on a yellow blouse over black pants and matching sneakers.

In the scene, the small kid pushed Sophia ahead and spoke to her while they took in the views from the pier. The actress’s son is the director of the film, La Vita Davanti in Italian, which is based on the same-titled book.

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The 2010 TV film My House Is Full of Mirrors was her last motion picture.

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She had made a significant impression the previous year, opposite Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz.

Sophia Loren, 84, gets to work on set of new film The Life Before Us in  Italy | Daily Mail Online

Unfortunately she i on the wheelchair now. Would you recognize her easily?

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