«You will not believe your eyes!😯😱At the age of fifteen She Married a Bedouin:The girl revealed to her family!»♥

Tatyana visited Egypt when she was barely 15 years old and fell in love with the country’s culture, particularly the nomadic way of life.

She befriended Abu, a Bedouin, and eventually went on a date with him, growing fond of him.

Sadly, she had to leave and head back to Ukraine the following day.

Tanya studied Arabic philology at the university and took Arabic language classes in Kyiv.

Remarkably, she continued to write to Abu, which resulted in a marriage proposal on her subsequent trip to Egypt.

Tatyana’s mother had some reservations at first, but Abu and Tanya were lawfully married for more than 15 years and have four sons together.

Tatyana is happy and comfortable with the life she has chosen, and they travel to Ukraine often.

What do you think about this special love?

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