Wonderful 75-year-long love story!

They were born on the same day, lived together for 75 years, and left this world within a day of each other…

Les and Helen were born on the same day on New Year’s Eve, 1918. They met each other in their teenage years, and by 18 they had become an inseparable couple. And here suddenly an analogy begins between their story and the one of Romeo and Juliet. Les’s parents were against their relationship and categorically refused to talk about the wedding.

The problem is, that Les Brown was from a wealthy Orthodox family, while Helen had no wealth and was of no noble descent. Anyway, the young man himself didn’t care about this difference between them, as his beloved Helen was the best of all queens for him.

As a result, they ran away from home, had a modest wedding and began to live together. As the years passed, it became clear, that their union was not a teenage mistake. Their feeling were getting stronger and stronger. In 1963, the couple moved to Long Beach. Here Mr. Brown was working as a photographer, and Mrs. Brown started a career in real estate.

Their son Daniel later said, his parents had never spent a day without each other. He also remembered how his mom had not once said she was afraid to even think about her husband being gone forever. She didn’t want to live without him.

And who would’ve guessed, it was actually going to happen that way? They lived 75 happy years together. They were 94 years old. Age, however, took its toll. Helen was fighting stomach cancer, and Les was trying not to give up to Parkinson’s disease.

The youngest son of the Browns told, their mother passed away on June 16, 2013. The next day, on June 17, their father followed his wife. Many famous publications have published about this amazing 75-year-long love story. The novel of Les and Helen became a realistic evidence that eternal love does exist. Their eyes were full of love even in the recent photos. The same tenderness in their eyes that could be seen in the black-and-white photo where they are young and full of hope.

They were born on the same day, lived together for 75 years, and left this world within a day of each other…

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