Woman woke up thinking she was 15 years old

19 years of her life disappeared in one night!

Naomi Jacobs is a 34-year-old woman. On April 30, 2008, she peacefully went to bed as usual, but everything changed the next morning. In just one night the woman happened to forget the last 19 years of her life. She woke up firmly believing that she was 15 years old.

Opening her eyes in the morning, Naomi found herself in a room unknown to her and was really scared. Then a teenage guy entered her room and called her “mom”. This came as a shock to Naomi. She ran to the bathroom and saw a middle-aged woman in the mirror looking at her.

Apparently, Naomi didn’t expect such a reality. A teenage student, who was making her first steps in the real world suddenly found herself already an adult woman.

Her family took her to a doctor.

After several checkups, her diagnosis was finally ready: transient global amnesia. This is an extremely rare medical condition.

It is interesting, that Naomi still remembered some small details and skills, such as the PIN of her credit card, how to drive a car, etc. But in general she couldn’t remember her life after 15.

Naomi had to go to therapy and constantly work with doctors for 9 weeks to accept the reality.

Still, every night she would go to bed, hoping that in the morning she would wake up in the body of her 15-year-old self and be with her family.

However, there is no good without the bad. Having overcome such a strange trial, Naomi ended up writing and publishing a book. It became a bestseller very quickly and brought her lots of money.

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