Woman with a height of only 71 cm managed to become a mother of three children: what her heirs look like today

Their family happiness did not last so long…

At birth, Stacy Herald’s bones were very fragile, which is why they were constantly deformed. It was because of this ailment that she grew only to 71 centimeters in height, but this did not prevent her from finding her place in life.

Stacy graduated from college, met her husband, whom she loved incredibly, and gave birth to three children. The husband of our heroine believed that Stacy was his soulmate. Despite the fact that he is 9 years younger than her and 3 times higher, they were a perfect couple.

The first daughter Catherine was born like her mother. The second daughter, Makaya, is completely healthy. All pregnancies were quite difficult for our heroine, but her husband supported her with all his might.

The third boy Malakai was born with the same ailment as his mother, so he will not be tall either.

Because of her illness, Stacy lived only to the age of 44. There was mutual understanding in the Herald family, and the house was equipped so that everyone was comfortable there. Unfortunately, their family happiness did not last so long…

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