Woman saved this she-wolf, and six months later the wolf tried to save her

The devotion of animals is something really amazing

There are so many extraordinary cases in life that sometimes impress to the very depths of the soul. But very few people know about them, and we would like everyone to know about it. Today we will tell you a real story that, for sure, will not leave you indifferent and from which you will learn about the true devotion of the wolf to a human.

The story took place in the forests of Russia. A woman named Valentina and her forester husband lived in a house in a dense forest. The only guard on the farmstead of the owners was a dog, somewhat similar to a wolf. Once there was a disaster in this house. A fire broke out early in the morning. At this time, the owner and his young son were still sleeping, and their mother went on foot to the nearest village to buy food for the family. Surprisingly, the dog, instead of saving his life, rushed into the fire and was able to get the child out of it. Unfortunately, Valentina’s husband died in this fire. The animal was badly burned, saving the baby, but survived.

After some time, Valentina found the strength to move to another place, which was located in a neighboring forest. She lived alone in the forest with her child and the dog. The area where she settled was famous for the abundance of bears and wolves. But the woman had no other choice and she had to adapt. At first everything was quiet and calm. However, suddenly her dog disappeared somewhere. The woman began to worry a lot, because it was the only security guard in the family.

The accumulated stress from what happened the day before, plus the loss of the dog, did their job. The woman felt that her health had become noticeably worse. A few days later, the dog returned, but not alone. He brought a she-wolf with him. How he managed it was unclear, but she clearly had no intention of returning to the forest. However, wolves do not have such a habit to live next to a person. Therefore, whenever a woman approached the wolf, she began to growl at her. After some time, the guest stopped showing aggression and even began to let the woman near her. Valentina immediately realized that this behavior was not for nothing and turned out to be right. The predator was getting weaker before their eyes. It was clear that the wolf was sick. When the animal was already breathing with difficulty, the woman decided to come very close. She gave her an injection with medicine and began to take care of her. The treatment was beneficial. And four months later, the she-wolf gave birth to cubs.

But one day a bear got into their house.

The dog again proved himself heroically, but died defending his owner. The woman buried him nearby with all the honors. The wolf, oddly enough, did not leave the woman after this incident. Many people knew that Valentina had a dog and a wild animal. One day a man driving a cart saw a wolf in front of him on the road. He immediately grabbed his gun, but aiming, he saw the animal and realized that in front of him was the same wolf that he had seen more than once with Valentina.

The beast behaved strangely, as if it wanted to show something. The man without thinking twice, decided to follow the animal. She was taking him to her owner’s house. Unfortunately, at that time Valentina was already dead. She had a heart attack from the events that had happened the day before.

That night the whole village could not sleep. The wolf did not stop howling until the morning. After her death, the wolf and her cubs went into the forest. Three years later, she was found dead in the same place where Valentina’s dog was buried. The villagers buried her next to the dog’s grave. According to local hunters, the motherless cubs grew up, but never attacked a human. Hunters have never hunted these wolves. The inhabitants of this village still remember the courage of the faithful dog and that devoted she-wolf.

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