Woman Refuses to Get Out of Car Seeing 1st Date Destination

A woman had high hopes for her first date with a man she liked, getting all glammed up for the occasion.
However, when they got to the restaurant and she realized where they would be eating, she refused to get out of the car.
The woman filmed herself inside the car before the couple started arguing about the restaurant, and people on the internet slammed her for her behavior.

The woman who refused to get out of the car | Source: tiktok.com/@moniquelsantos09

First dates often go either of two ways — a hit or miss. You either discover that you want to get to know your date more by the end of the night, or you might feel the urge to French exit and never see your date again.

Often, you decide on what to do next in the middle of the date or by the end of it. You rarely opt out before the date even begins. However, this was a woman’s dilemma after she discovered the restaurant her date decided upon for their first date.

A woman filmed herself inside a car with her date as they were on the way to a restaurant. When she realized they pulled up to Cheesecake Factory, she refused to get out of the car and decided to cause a scene.

The woman and her date arguing | Source: tiktok.com/@moniquelsantos09

The Woman Wanted Something Fancier
As the man made his way to open her door, she locked it. “He got me at the Cheesecake Factory, y’all. I ain’t getting out of this car,” she’ was heard saying in the video. She reiterated the fact once more, and finally, when the man was able to talk to her, he asked what was wrong with his restaurant choice.

The woman refusing to open her door | Source: tiktok.com/@moniquelsantos09

The woman refused to converse with the man eye-to-eye and kept her eyes fixed on her phone. She then explained that Cheesecake Factory was not ideal for a first date restaurant because it was a chain restaurant, and not a concept restaurant.

“Who takes someone that looks like this to a chain restaurant?” she asked, implying that she dressed up elegantly for their first date, expecting to go to a fine dining restaurant.

The man then argued that he didn’t feel the need to go all out during their first date. His answer triggered the woman further, and she flipped her hair before saying:

“When you take out a beautiful woman, and you’re courting her because I get courted. You’re supposed to take care of her, you’re supposed to cover her, you’re supposed to protect her, cherish her, treat her well.”


Her Date Wasn’t Having Any of It
After she said her piece, her man then proceeded to share his own expectations. “I expect a girl to be respectful; I expect her to be cooperative,” he explained. The woman then asked him what she did that wasn’t being cooperative.

He even tried to explain to her that he had planned to take her some place nicer, but because she was late for their date, they had to choose some place else to eat. Feeling defeated, the man decided to drive the woman back home. Their date never happened, and, likely, they never saw each other again after what transpired.

People's thoughts regarding the situation | Source: tiktok.com/@moniquelsantos09

People couldn’t believe the woman’s audacity. They made sure to share what they thought on TikTok, slamming the woman for being so rude to a man who had only the best intentions for her.

“I like the Cheesecake Factory… Girl bye… He dodged a bullet.. perfectly played,” a woman named Felisha Johnson wrote. “He seems so nice. I would’ve been so hyped for the Cheesecake Factory,” a woman named Sofia echoed.

People felt it was only fitting for the man to refuse a date with a woman after the stunt she pulled. It said a lot about her and her priorities, and they felt the nice man deserved to be treated better than the way she did.

People's thoughts regarding the situation | Source: tiktok.com/@moniquelsantos09

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