Woman came up with a song written for her late husband…

Her life story touched everyone’s hearts!

Meet Lauren Engle – a young singer who came up with an original song devoted to her late husband. You can’t help but admire this talented and strong woman, when you hear her life story!

Lauren Engle is a 27-year-old artist. She became a widow shortly after getting married.

Lauren met her husband – Garrett – 7 years ago at a Halloween party. In 2014, they married each-other and started a happy life together. A year before Lauren’s audition for the TV program “American Idol”, a tragedy changed her whole life.

The spouses were driving home when a car rear-ended them at the stoplight. “I remember having fun at night, then I woke up in hospital”, remembered Lauren. The woman didn’t have serious injuries. However, Garrett didn’t survive the accident. Lauren went into depression after learning the tragic news.

“I still can’t believe I became a widow at 27!”.

Garrett used to always motivate his wife and encourage her to share her natural talent with the whole world. And even though he’s absent physically, the husband still keeps inspiring his beloved Lauren.

“No matter what, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. And I keep looking for it every single day!”, said Lauren.

Her audition for the “American Idol” was one of Garrett’s dreams. And now Lauren is fulfilling his dream.

Lauren had chosen an original song for her audition written specially for her late husband. The song “Compass” depicts the journey that Lauren had passed with Garrett. As Lauren sings the emotional song, Garrett’s brother accompanies her playing the guitar. Lauren’s performance struck all of the judges.

“I felt her emotions and her pain!”, mentioned Katy Perry. “And I can’t even imagine myself going through all this suffering and singing or even writing such an emotional piece of music!”.

Lauren’s strong character is truly inspiring. And as the judges paved the way to Hollywood for Lauren, there’s no doubt that the talented woman will have a successful future with Garrett always in her heart.

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