«Why Did They Reject Their Mother?: What Became Of Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman’s Adopted Children?»😳😳

Through the Church of Scientology, they adopted Connor Anthony and Isabella Jane after a difficult beginning with an ectopic pregnancy. The couple decided to get a divorce, but the kids continued to live with Tom.

Tom and Nicole both got married again and Nicole, despite her previous difficulties, produced Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret as her two daughters with Keith Urban. Suri is the product of Tom’s relationship with Katie Holmes. But because of Scientology, Tom and Suri’s connection was tense after the divorce.

Connor and Isabella, the adoptive children, were raised in a Scientology-influenced environment.

While Connor married after joining Scientology, Isabella married and lived in London.

Both are discreet and steer clear of overexposure.

The story highlights how the adopted children and the biological children dealt with their parents’ notoriety and religious ties in very different ways.

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