«Who Said Models Should Be Slim?: 😲🔥Slender Models Were Challenged by Plump Girls in Swimsuits!»

“The start of beach season might be difficult for many people who are overweight.

While some overweight guys might not care if their stomach is bulging, a lot of overweight women frequently feel self-conscious about their bodies and choose to cover up with wraps or avoid public beaches.

A movement has evolved in reaction to these difficulties, wherein overweight women use the hashtag to proudly display themselves in open swimwear on Instagram.

The movement encourages overweight women to accept and enjoy their bodies for what they are, to foster self-love and body positivity in them.

These women dispel the notion that only attractive people exist by posting pictures of themselves in bikinis.

With the growth of the empowering movement, a community of support has been established, encouraging women to feel good about themselves.

It takes a strong stance against body shaming and celebrates a range of body types.

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