When this single mom with 3 children went on stage in a swimsuit, the jury was speechless

Our beautiful Karin has gone through a lot of difficulties. All these difficulties this 33-year-old woman got from her husband. In the marriage with him she went through a lot of quarrels and troubles. As a result, Karin became a single mom with 3 children.

One day the woman noticed she had stopped looking after herself and was looking worse day by day. At that moment Karin decided on vital changes and started with sports and a healthy diet.

This young mom had to give up sweets and baked products that she loved a lot. But the woman always reminded herself of her goal and never gave up.

Then Karin bought an exercise bike and now she pedals every day since 5 a.m.. One day the coach of this beginner sportsman suggested she should take part in a fitness competition “Ms. Fitness Australia”. With this started her modelling career.

“After my babies were born, I thought I was too old for such things. But, luckily, I realized I was wrong on time”,-Karin says.

Sports activities and yoga – that’s the secret of her success. After just 16 weeks of self-care the mother became a participant of a prestigious competition. The jury unanimously gave her the first place in the category “Fitness-Model”.

Still Karin doesn’t want to stop with only these achievements. Now she wants to win in a similar competition held in Las Vegas.

“I’ve already gained more self-confidence,-admits the woman.- Nothing is impossible, after all, everything depends on us. I believe I am doing the right thing, as my babies are proud of me. It would’ve been just great, if all women felt the same thing, as I feel now”.


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