«When Helen Flanagan sprawls out in provocative lingerie photos, she displays the effects of a boob job.»😲🔥🔥

Helen Flanagan, a former Coronation Street actress and I’m a Celeb contestant, raised the temperature once further when she slid into a brown lingerie set for a series of scorching pictures.

Later, she lay out over the bed to give admirers a better view of her trim body and firm abs. In a handful of the seductive photos, Helen wore a beige cardigan layered over top; in another, the mother-of-three was seated on the floor with her knees up against her chest, giving the impression that she was wearing nothing at all.

The former soap opera star chose to wear thick layers of makeup and arrange her blonde hair in loose waves while grinning. Helen enticed her followers with the message, “Let’s cuddle and watch Harry Potter.”
Her followers showed a lot of interest in the post, and some of them left encouraging remarks. Helen was described as “gorgeous” by one and “so so beautiful” by another.

Fans rallied with Helen as many of them responded angrily to the insults. Some of the remarks on here are horrible, one individual said indignantly. If you don’t like what you see, unfollow her! You don’t have the right to spread your hate just because she is a celebrity. If you have nothing pleasant to say, keep quiet! She enjoys her physique and is content.

Another responded, “It’s obvious that all these criticisms are motivated by envy! Is it necessary to be nasty? If you don’t like what you see, simply scroll past it or, even better, click the unfollow option.


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