What happened to the “turtle-boy” from Colombia, who was born with a “carapace” on his back

Once a strange boy named Didier Montalvo was born in Colombia. As a newborn he was no different than his peers, only there was a kind of birthmark on the boy’s back.

At firs it was of a normal size, then started to grow bigger. By the time he was 6, Didier had a whole carapace formed around the birthmark.

The parents had no idea how to deal with the child’s disease. Locals avoided communicating with their family at all, as in that regions people are quite illiterate and superstitious beyond measure. They thought it happened because of the eclipse the mother saw while being pregnant.

However, some specialists were found who could help Didier. In one of the military hospitals there was a doctor specialized in such neoplasms. He checked the little patient and gave his verdict – he was able to help.

After a while the boy went to a doctor, who did the operation. It took 2 hours. As a result the neoplasm was successfully removed. The child felt great and soon went back home happily.

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