“We’re just doing our best”: Single father raises his quadruplets all alone

A tragety left the family without a mother

The love story of Erica and Carlos Morales possesses the enchanting qualities of a fairy tale. It all began one night in a Scottsdale, Arizona nightclub back in 2006 when the two first laid eyes on each other. Despite the language barrier—Carlos didn’t speak English and Erica struggled with Spanish—he mustered the courage to invite her to dance.

As the night came to a close, Carlos jotted down his phone number on a piece of paper, intending to stay in touch. However, to his dismay, Erica accidentally discarded it. Fate, however, intervened when they crossed paths again about a year later through mutual friends. This time, they stayed together, and as they both learned each other’s language—Carlos mastering English and Erica becoming fluent in Spanish—their bond grew even stronger.

Their shared desire to have children led them down a challenging path. Erica experienced the heartbreak of miscarriage, which they described as the most painful experience of their lives. However, after undergoing a reproductive procedure, they received incredible news: Erica was pregnant not with one child, but four.

Anticipation and joy filled the hearts of Erica and Carlos as they eagerly awaited the day they would hold their precious babies. The pregnancy progressed smoothly until Erica developed high blood pressure, leading to her hospitalization. On January 15, she texted Carlos, informing him that the doctors had decided to deliver the babies immediately. At seven months pregnant, the couple knew it was time.

With family and friends by their side, they prepared for the arrival of their newborns. Carlos Jr. was chosen as the name for their son, and Tracey and Paisley were selected for their two daughters. The couple had yet to decide on a name for the fourth baby but figured they had time to think it over. Little did they know that fate had something else in store for them.

Carlos bid Erica farewell with a kiss on her head, urging her to bring their babies into the world. However, tragedy struck. After the birth, Carlos returned to Erica’s side, only to witness medical professionals rushing into the room as alarms blared. An hour later, devastating news shattered their world. Erica had fallen into hypovolemic shock, a life-threatening condition caused by severe blood loss that prevents the heart from pumping enough blood. The mother of their four children had passed away.

Carlos found himself grappling with disbelief and overwhelming grief. He went from experiencing the happiest day of his life to waking up the next morning to the cruelest of realities. “My wife passed away, then my four children were born,” he lamented, his heart shattered.

Despite his sorrow, Carlos knew he had to be strong for his four precious angels. In the days that followed, he discovered a heartfelt note on Erica’s iPad. She had penned her wishes for their children—a list that included aspirations for them to complete their education, become fluent in both English and Spanish, and secure respectable careers. Though Erica was no longer physically present, Carlos made a solemn vow to be the best father his children could ask for and to dedicate himself to fulfilling his late wife’s dreams.

Erica and Carlos’ love story may have taken a tragic turn, but Carlos carries the weight of their dreams on his shoulders. With unwavering determination, he strives to provide his children with a future that would make their mother proud, honoring the memory of the woman who loved them all so deeply.

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