“Weighed 293kg at 10”: The fate of the boy – Arya Permano

Arya Permano liked to eat a lot since childhood. And as his parents didn’t pay special attention to his diet, the boy started to quickly grow bigger. Well, after all the kid’s food was fatty and high in calories.

Mom and dad got concerned when Arya began to move with difficulty because of excess weight. It was at that moment that the parents decided to have their child checked up.

The doctors, of course, suggested the boy should sit on a strict diet. When he stood on the scales, everyone was shocked – at the age of ten Arya weighed not less than 192 kg.

Such a body-shape caused not only physical, but also mental discomfort, as the boy was being bullied by his peers. This helped the boy to come into conclusion that it was high time he lost weight.

Besides, the boy has always dreamt of becoming a football player. To achieve this dream he had to look after his physique.

Unfortunately, the diet didn’t cause any obvious results, so the doctors decided to operate on his stomach. Only after the operation he started to lose some weight.

Soon, sport was added to the diet. The boy could now move easily and it even had an effect on his mood. In 3 years the kid lost over 100kg weight.

Now Arya is no different from his peers and looks amazing. And what’s the most important – his health is not in danger, and he can finally make his dream come true and play football.

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