We were joking at the discharge: gave birth to a girl, went home with three children

Two pregnant women suddenly went into labor at the same time. One of them was quiet, the other one was a chatterbox. Vera was making fun of Ella, and the latter was looking at the doctors with fear. They gave birth in the same ward at the same time. Luckily, there were more than just one team in the hospital.

The first one to give birth was Ella. She had a sweet daughter, just as quiet as her mother. Then Vera gave birth to two guys at the same time. They were so active, that their voices could be heard from the street.

Vera herself was in shock, as she didn’t expect to have twins. But then she had a quick mood swing. She went to the bathroom and didn’t come back for more than an hour. Ella called the doctors. They broke into the bathroom, but it turned out, she was not there.

She returned the next day and wanted to leave the children. She had not enough money for two children and wasn’t able to raise them both.

The doctors were preparing the documents to send the children to an orphanage. And immediately new parents appeared – Ella and her husband. She became attached to the babies and couldn’t let it happen.

Now their relatives make fun of them: they had a daughter and came home with three children.

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