Waitress took an order from a homeless man as usual, and then found out who he really was

How often do passers-by walk past homeless people and beggars pretending they don’t even exist? As a rule, such people are invisible for everyone, including you and me. Moreover, the behavior that differs from what we are used to causes sincere surprise in others.

A waitress in one of the restaurants in Texas named Maria refused to follow the rules. Even though the restaurant policy forbids its employees to feed homeless people, this girl had to pay for the meal herself.

One day a homeless man, dressed carelessly and dirty, appeared on the doorstep of the restaurant. You could guess he hadn’t taken a shower for a long time. Reaching a table with difficulty, he sat down, but no one came to serve him. Other customers began to move to table further away.

Maria politely approached him, just as she would have done with any other customer. She took the order and brought the food. The guests, as well as the employees were surprised to see what was happening. The manager reminded Maria, that if the customer turned out to be unable to pay, she had to pay for the meal herself. She wasn’t against.

The unusual guest ate up his food, asked for the bill and paid for it. He not only paid for the meal, but also left a hundred-dollar bill under the plate, as a tip.

No one could’ve guessed that the man might have had so much money. But everyone was even more surprised by the note expressing gratitude for the hospitality that Maria showed to a person: “You have found the secret of happiness. Kindness will always guide you along your path of life”, wrote the guest.

What was is about? The homeless man turned out to be the owner of the restaurant. He dressed so specially to estimate the quality of service and the meals in his restaurant.

Hardly anyone could come up with such an idea. And Maria showed, that no matter who they are, every person should be treated with great respect.

After this, Maria got the position of the manager, and later on many incredible things happened in Maria’s life.

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