Unique couple delight people with their love and appearance

True love brought this man back to life!

This story is about true and sincere love. Love not for something, but in spite of everything.

James Ramseach is a former military man. He got seriously injured in Iraq, and doctors had do amputate his leg. The man led an active life and had to get used to a new lifestyle. he had to undergo lots of treatments and rehabilitation.

Many people are mentally unable to withstand such a condition and end up in depression using lots of alcohol. However, James was not like this. He took up sports, underwent rehabilitation and got really interested in tattoos.

The handsome and active soldier was once invited to a unique photoshoot, which made him famous.

Now his life is just perfect. He has found a girl who loves and supports him. Heidi was the one to bring the man back to life. After some time of dating James proposed to his beloved.

Now the former military man is a model and a blogger. He is in a happy relationship with Heidi.

The spouses are completely happy together. never let the difficulties break you down!

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