Twins “one in a million”: one was born with Down syndrome, the other one without it. Genetic miracle

In the family of 32-year-old Nicola and Todd Bailey from Sheffield (Great Britain) unusual twins were born. One of the babies has a congenital disease – Down Syndrome.

This case was named “one in a million”. Doctors had no clue about the disease until the baby was born.

Harper was born the first – 38min earlier than her sister Quinn. 
After the labor the doctors apologized for not recognizing the pathology. But the couple doesn’t find Harper’s disease a problem and believe that doctors had done everything possible. 

“All I remember is how the doctor was apologizing. But as soon as I saw my babies, my heart melted. They were both so adorable. During ultrasonography, the specialists didn’t identify any development disorders”,- says the mother.

The woman tells there is a close connection between the babies. The younger one – Quinn – is jealous of Harper, as the older one has already grown some hair.

“Quinn is jealous because she only has light fuzz on her head, and Harper already has a whole ponytail of brown hair. Harper started to smile more often than her younger sister”,- says Nicola.

When the elder one is six years old, she will have a heart surgery. Pathologies of heart are common among children with this syndrome. The mother of the babies says it is impossible to compare the children, as they are very different.

“Because of the negative perception of the Down syndrome, people look at her suspiciously. Sometimes comments like “this baby is a Down” are heard. She’s not a Down, she’s a child with Down syndrome”,-says Nicola.

The couple also has an elder son Lucas, who was looking forward to meeting his sisters.

In Great Britain over 40,000 people are with Down syndrome. According to specialists, the chances to have one of the twins with the syndrome are one in a million.

And have you heard about such cases?

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