Truck driver adopted an abandoned cat: they are now inseparable friends

The man found his happiness in the cat

Paul Robertson is a truck driver, who actually loves and enjoys his job. However, when he drives long distances, he easily gets bored and tired. It’s not easy to drive alone at night. But Paul is unstoppable, especially when he has deadlines to meet.

All these travels back and forth brought Paul a feline friend, whom he named Howie. They were traveling together ever since and were best friends. Unfortunately, Howie passed away in 2017.

Every pet owner will understand how hard and painful it is to let your beloved friend go.

Paul was really depressed after his friend was gone. But he very soon found a way out of his sorrow. The man decided to adopt another cat and visited an animal shelter. There he met a ginger cat named Percy. The cat had scars, a torn right ear and a missing tooth.

None of Percy’s imperfections prevented Paul from accepting and loving him. He knew immediately that they would be the perfect duo.

Turned out, Percy had a rather tough past. Before being rescued, the cat used to live on the street. Despite all this, the homeless cat preserved a benevolent attitude towards people and other animals.

Paul adopted the cat and took him home.

No more lonely trips. Percy quickly became Paul’s “perfect” co-pilot on his long journeys. The cat couldn’t be happier. The cute kitten loved his owner and his truck a lot. He enjoyed every trip they had, no matter the weather and distance. Percy was always there for his foster father.

“He is very cute and loves to crawl into my arms, onto my chest, and then hug me,” Paul wrote on Facebook.

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