Triplets found each other 10 years after an experiment

Such a happy and interesting reunion!

In 1980, Robert Shafran enrolled into a college at the age of 19. Other students acted weird: they called Robert different names and behaved as if they had known Robert for a long time.

It was the day when Robert found out he had two brothers. In fact, they were triplets. But this is not all! He later found out that he and his two brothers were a part of an experiment early in their childhood.

His college friends took Robert to his brother. The guys looked like two drops of water and were in shock. They both grew up in foster families. His brother’s name was Edward Gallan.

Several months later, David Kellman, a student of another college, saw the story of Robert and Edward on TV. The guy was in complete shock! The two brothers were his exact copies.

Surely they did everything possible to meet each other. Their foster parents also didn’t know anything about this strange experiment. All three foster families started looking for answers and some information about the experiment.

And here is the answer: Peter Neubauer, a child psychiatrist was studying the influence of the environment on a person. So carried out an experiment on the triplets to find out which of their characteristics are innate and which are acquired.

David grew up in a working-class family. Edward lived in a middle-class family. And Robert was the luckiest – he was adopted by a businessman. Neubauer kept studying the brothers for 10 years.

This story brought a lot of wealth and fame to the brothers. They acted in a few films and became quite successful. Neubauer’s experiment was recognized as unethical and is still classified.

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