“Tragic Loss”: Remembering Harmony Harper, a Bright Young Soul

The loss of a child is an indescribable pain that never truly fades, regardless of the passing of time. Each time we hear of parents bidding farewell to their children, our hearts break into a million pieces.

Harmony Harper was an ordinary girl of her age, full of enthusiasm about the upcoming school year and cherishing the time spent with friends. Her first day of school was filled with joy, but tragically, she never got the chance to experience the second day, as her young life was abruptly ended in a devastating accident.

On the fateful day of Wednesday, August 16th, eight-year-old Harmony, waiting for the school bus with her brother in front of their home, was struck by another school bus.

Swiftly, first responders arrived at the scene and made valiant efforts to revive her, but Harmony remained unresponsive.

Authorities have not disclosed the number of children on the bus during the accident, but thankfully, no other child suffered injuries.

Jasper Harper, Harmony’s father, vividly recalled the day that forever altered their lives. “My wife heard my son screaming for his sister, and she rushed outside. I was awakened by the desperate call, ‘I need you now.’ I hurriedly dressed, and before I could reach the front door, I heard the agonizing words, ‘Call 911, my daughter’s gone.’ She was playing in the safety of her own front yard.”

Neighbors could hear the heart-wrenching cries of the girl’s mother, who repeatedly exclaimed, “Oh my God, oh my God, my baby.”

One compassionate neighbor expressed, “I wish I could embrace the mother right now. I hope she knows that there are countless people out here praying for her tonight.”

“I can’t fathom what the bus driver must be going through. To hear the mother’s anguished cries of ‘oh my god, oh my god,’ it just shattered my heart,” another resident shared.

In their time of grief, the family initiated a GoFundMe page to assist with funeral expenses. The page’s description humbly asked for support: “If you are unable to make a donation, please leave prayers and words of encouragement for this family.”

Those who knew Harmony only have fond memories of her. Oaklawn Elementary Principal Donna Osborn remembered her as a child who “constantly showered everyone around her with compliments.”

Donna continued, “Whenever you encountered her, she wore a perpetual smile and was always the first to offer a warm hug each day. Her untimely departure is an immense loss, and the absence of Harmony at Oaklawn will be deeply felt.”

Superintendent Heather Bohaty also expressed her sorrow over the tragic loss of Harmony. “We are utterly heartbroken by the passing of one of our students,” she remarked, emphasizing that additional social workers from schools across the district will provide support to both students and staff as they navigate this difficult period.

Rest in peace, Harmony.

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