“Thumbelina Girl”: The girl that is destined to remain petite forever

The girl was born with a genetic disorder

Microcephalic osteodysplastic type II primary dwarfism is a complex form of dwarfism characterized by a lack of growth in the body. Abigail Lee, unfortunately, was born with this genetic disorder.

At a glance, the scene appears ordinary—a child sitting in a stroller. However, in this case, the stroller is a toy designed for dolls. Abigail is currently 2 years old, but her weight is comparable to that of a newborn—only 9 lb.

Despite being predicted to reach a height of around 23 inches, Abigail is in good health. She eats regularly, engages in play, and is progressing well in her development. However, her physical growth is limited.

Currently, there is no known cure for this specific type of dwarfism. Nevertheless, we hold onto hope that future scientific advancements may offer a solution.

Abigail should be able to pursue education and lead a long and fulfilling life. Our wish is for her to experience happiness and confidence.

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