This woman’s husband lost his memory after the car accident. The wife came up with an idea…

Life is something very unpredictable. Sometimes you can’t guess what’s going to happen next. Maybe that’s why everyone says we need to enjoy every moment of our life, and never give up. We live only once, there’s no second chance.

This story is a proof to the above written. Jake was a happy family man, until he got in a car accident. As a result, he lost his memory. The man forgot his wife, their wedding day and all the years they had lived together. In order for her husband to regain these memories, Charlie decided on a brave step…

The story began when in 2009 Charly married Jake Corving in Central Park, New York, right in front of everyone present there. On that day the woman was over the moon! The new-weds couldn’t find white roses for a long time, so Jake had to run around 30 blocks to buy some. All because it was Charley’s dream to be showered with white rose petals at their wedding.

After the wedding, Corvings moved to another city. They were living a happy life, until in Autumn, 2011, an accident happened. Jake was on his way to work with his motorcycle and got hit. The man underwent a complicated surgery after which he was in coma for 10 days. Only 3 months later after the accident could Jake express his first unintelligible words. The story could’ve had a happy end, if not for one sad fact – the man was unable to remember most part of his past.

The worst thing was that he forgot Charley: “This woman has always been by my side, but I can’t remember who she is…”. Charley told us that only after 2 years Jake said: “That was you!”, when he was watching their photos for the hundredth time. He remembered his wife, but still couldn’t remember their wedding.

That’s why Corvings held a second wedding. After it, Jake wanted to have his wife’s name tattooed. He said he didn’t want to forget her name any more.

It’s great that their love won the battle against difficult circumstances and helped them go through this thorny path of two years, until Jake remembered everything.

Let’s wish Jake and Charley happiness, mutual understanding and endless love! They deserve it!

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