This woman’s husband left her alone with 4 children, but she was able to find her happiness again

Inspiring story of a strong woman

A paralyzed mother of four, abandoned by her husband five days after a stroke while she was still in the hospital, found a new love, which was her personal trainer, who put her on her feet.

37-year-old Rionna Kelly was paralyzed in the left half of her body after a stroke in March 2015. Doctors said she would never be able to get up from her wheelchair.

And five days after the stroke, Rionna’s husband, with whom they had lived together for 14 years, left her and began divorce proceedings. The woman was in despair.

But two years later, life turned to face her again: Rionna got back on her feet and looks confidently into the future together with her new chosen one – 35-year-old coach, former professional rugby player Keith Mason.

Today, Rionna Kelly is optimistic:

“Looking back, I understand: what happened to me was the best I could have hoped for. After the stroke, I had to face not only paralysis, but also the fact that my partner, with whom I lived for 14 years, abandoned me. I was left completely alone.”

At first, the woman was in despair. However, she decided to fight for her life, and the results were not slow to appear.

Two months after the stroke, thanks to constant training, she managed to stand up on her own.

And soon her personal trainer Keith Mason, with whose support she took her first steps, became more than a coach for her: the couple decided to link their lives.

Now Rionna moves around the house on her own, using crutches only to go outside, and a wheelchair for long trips.

Together with Keith, they raise five children: 16-year-old Leanra, 11-year-old Caleb, 9-year-old Isabella, 5-year-old Logan, and 5-year-old Kalani – Keith’s daughter.

Rionna says:

“Five days after the stroke, the doctors told me that recovery in the best case would take me from six months to a year. At that time I wanted to give up, but I knew that I had to be strong for the sake of the children.

When I took my first steps, it was a real miracle. At the same time, I wrote on my Facebook page that I was looking for a personal trainer who would help me recover, and friends advised me to contact Keith.

After Keith and I finished the course, we continued to communicate. He regularly asked me how I was doing. That’s where our relationship started.

We’ve been together for 11 months, the kids like him, and now I finally feel like I’ve found the life I deserve.”

Rionna had a stroke in March 2015. After it, the woman was completely paralyzed from the waist down.

She remembers:

“I was at home with Logan. I don’t remember exactly how it happened, but I fell down the stairs and Logan had to call for help.

After my husband left me when I was in the hospital, only my friend Sarah remained with me. She was like family to me. Only her support and the support of the children helped me survive”.

Rionna spent hours doing physical therapy and two months after the stroke, she still got up, even if holding on to the bars.

She tells:

“I was barely dragging my body, I didn’t feel it, but it didn’t matter- because I was walking! My consultant was amazed that I was standing by myself. I gained strength every day, and after four months I was released from the hospital.

It took me 25 minutes to climb the 16 steps of the stairs in the house. I went down the same amount. But I knew that I had to learn to overcome it for the sake of the children.”

And here ‘s how she describes meeting Keith:

“Then I started studying with Keith, but after a course of classes I found an inexpensive physiotherapy room, and classes with a coach became too expensive for me. But one day he called me and invited me to a coffee.

I didn’t believe that such a gorgeous man, a rugby player, wanted to date a disabled woman. Keith says I inspire him. And he supports me and empathizes with me every day.

He is great with children, and every day I love him more and more. Now I try not to use a wheelchair, I sit in it only if I have to get far.

I’m working out in the gym again, and with the help of Keith, I feel better every day. Now, looking back, I feel that everything has turned out as well as I could have hoped.”

It’s nice that there are stories with a happy ending in life too, isn’t it?

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