This woman shocked everyone at the “Miss Italy” crowning

People should be beautiful both outside and inside!

The most unbelievable incidents are getting odder and odder every day. Beauty Pageants have already proved everyone that “beauty” is a relative concept.

18-year-old Chiara Bordi took part in the “Miss Italy” beauty pageant and even made it to the crowning.

She went down in history as the first disabled participant in a beauty competition. The girl has only one leg.

The tragedy happened to the girl when she was 13. Chiara was run over by a car while riding her bicycle. It took her many years to recover, especially mentally. She agreed to take part in the competition after being able to accept herself the way she is. No matter what, life is beautiful!

Everyone was shocked to know that she had made to the final. She herself couldn’t believe it! The judges placed Chiara in the third place.

“I ended up winning the third place. After several days of hard work, I enjoyed a great experience that made e really happy!”

The worst part of this story is the criticism that the girl had to face.

Many people believed, that the judges had just pitied the girl for her disabilities and that’s why they let her reach the final.

Instead of going into depression, Chiara replied: “You lack a heart and intelligence, just like I lack a leg!”.

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