This woman found out she was pregnant with four children after she adopted four children

Real heroine-mom of eight children

Couple Maxine and Jake Young from Pennsylvania, USA, married in 2016. They both dreamed of creating a large family. But months and years passed, and the woman could not get pregnant. The young people were depressed and decided to adopt a child or maybe even several.

On July 28, 2017, they arrived home with three babies (2, 4 and 11 months old). And after a while they adopted another newborn girl. Now there were 4 kids in the family.

Maxine completely forgot that she would not be able to become a mother once she started looking after the children. And at some point, the woman found out she was with a child.

“I could never think of getting pregnant without IVF. I remember texting my husband: “OMG, I’m pregnant,” Maxine recalls. The ultrasound surprised them even more. The doctor noticed four heartbeats instead of one.

The babies were born on July 31, 2020 between 8:00 and 802 am at 32 weeks of pregnancy. They were in the intensive care unit for a while, and then they all went home together.

“I can’t believe it, but we are very grateful,” said Maxine. Now the woman is not just a foster mother, she is a real heroine-mom of eight children.

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