This popular Instagram star used to weigh 300kg

The girl overcame all obstacles to become the person she is today!

Amber Rusty no longer recognizes her previous self.

Here are some archival photos of Amber, that she doesn’t want to remember anymore. Amber was so overweight, that her feet were barely seen.

She was unable to walk on her own. A guy named Rudy stood by her side throughout Amber’s whole journey. He was the only one to accept and love Amber for who she was.

The man never criticized Amber for her health condition.

However, Rudy left Amber when he noticed some improvements in the girl’s appearance. Here’s what Amber looks like now.

Amber no longer weighs 300kg and is now engaged in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a diet. She looks gorgeous!

This is exactly why Rudy broke up with her. Rudy didn’t want to face a kind of competition with many other guys who were interested in the new Amber with a perfect figure.

After overcoming the breakup with pride, Amber realized she didn’t need such a person by her side.

Rudy only wanted to have someone who would have no other choice but to stay by his side forever. And this fact upset the girl greatly.

The transformation began after Amber visited the program “My 600-lb Life“. Experts reduced Amber’s stomach with a surgery and developed a healthy diet for her.

The gorgeous girl never wants to go back to her previous body.

Amber is really proud of herself. She went through all kinds of sufferings and overcame all obstacles to become the person she is today!

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