This man with Down syndrome worked at McDonald’s for 32 years. Great job!

When public opinion stands on our way, we can always find a way to bypass it.

O’Grady (50) with Down syndrome worked at McDonald’s for 32 years.

When he was looking for a job, the world looked different for those with Down syndrome. That time, there were hardly any opportunities for them.

When Russel was 18, he was one of the first people to get a job within the framework of the “Jobsuppot” program.

He got a job at McDonald’s in 1986 in Australia.

Jobsupport helps people with intellectual disabilities to find a job. They hold additional trainings with the employees and try to find the best suitable job for them.

3 days a week Russel welcomed the customers, washed the dishes and trays. He quickly became a favorite among customers and his co-workers.

Many people visited the Northmead McDonald’s just to see his smile.

“Without this initiative many people like Russel would have stayed unemployed. They wouldn’t have had the achievements, that make them more confident, raise their self-esteem and help them become an organ of society”.

Now Russel has retired and spends time on his favorite activities – bowling and dog treatment.

What’s your opinion on this idea?

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