This man lost both his legs at 6 because of an accident: how he lives

When Kacey McCallister was 6, his life changed forever. Because of an accident he lost both his legs. The boy was run over by a truck. The fact that Kacey survived is just a miracle. 

Many people would go into depression in his place, but the guy turned out to have a strong will-power. He immediately asked his mom to not treat him as if he was disabled. He could’ve been manipulated by it and withdrew into himself.

It was not so easy for the boy on a wheelchair at school. His peers couldn’t understand why he was moving with the help of a wheelchair. He actually differed a lot from them. The boy decided not to pay attention to their mockery. Instead, he went in for the sport.

At first, he took part in a racing which he obviously couldn’t win, but at least reached the finish line. Then he will repeat he race.

Today Kacey is a famous motivation speaker. He supports people who have faced such difficult life situations. Also, he’s a happy husband and a father of many children. There are 5 children in his family.

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