This little girl was bullied as a child for her unusual appearance

She grew up and was able to accept her appearance

The family of Rajesh and Hemaxi from India had a daughter 20 years ago, named Ganatra. Compared to other Indian children, she was very special. The girl had fair skin, red hair and green-blue eyes.

When the girl was 2, some spots began to appear on her face. Her parents couldn’t understand what was happening to the girl so they took her to the doctor. It turned out that those were ordinary freckles.

This is quite an atypical appearance for India. As a result, at school Ganatra was constantly mocked and bullied, being called ugly. The girl was very offended by their words. In the end she began to feel ashamed of herself. Everyone was wondering why and how such a baby was born to indigenous Mumbai residents.

Her complexes were very difficult to deal with for quite a while, but she eventually overcame them. Ganatra accepted her appearance, and now she is quite self-confident. She only regrets being ashamed of herself for so long and paying attention to others’ opinions.

Surely, the family members and friends even suggested a DNA test to confirm the relationship. However, Rajesh and Hemaxi are absolutely certain that this is their child, and they have no need to conduct any tests.


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