This homeless man found a check for $10.000 and returned it to its owner. As a result he gained much more than money

Elmer Alvarez had no penny, lived on the streets, roamed along Church Street in New Haven, Connecticut. One day while wandering the man noticed a piece of paper on the ground. With no suspicion, he picked it up. It turned out, his “piece of paper” was a check for $10,000. Most of the people would’ve considered this a gift of fate, however Elmer was different…

The owner’s name was written on the check. Alvarez turned to one of his friends who had a house  in order to find the woman on the internet. Turned out the woman was the owner of the real estate agency Outreach Realty Services. Elmer contacted Hoskie and made an appointment. That day the man returned the check. To put it mildly, Roberta was shocked by the act of that homeless man. She even shared her life story with the man, revealing the fact that she also was once a homeless woman. Then she got educated and could set up her business.

Roberta offered Elmer free education at her real estate school. She also gave him a good sum of money. Her company even provided the man with a free accommodation and paid for his English courses.

Returning the check, Alvarez didn’t even think of such a gift of fate. He realized he was given a great opportunity to change his life. “There are angels not only in the Heavens, but also on Earth”,- says Elmer.

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