This guy has been unconscious for 12 years. His words now make the blood run cold in your veins.

Martin Pistorius’s body became a real prison for himself.

Everyone thought he was unable to see, hear and understand anything. But when Martin gained consciousness, it became known what actually was happening. The young man realized what was happening around him, but couldn’t tell anyone about it.

Martin was 12 when he felt unwell for the first time after coming back from school. Over time the teenager was getting worse: he stopped talking and moving. The boy’s muscles got really weak.

The doctors told his parents that the boy had lost connection with the outside world and he was totally unaware of what was happening around him.

However, it wasn’t like that! Martin says for all these 12 years he has been conscious.

This is what the guy looks like now. He has regained the ability to talk, but only with the help of a special computer.

Martin tells he could see and understand everything, but felt like a ghost. Once he heard how his hopeless mother told, it would’ve been better if the boy had died. Now the woman regrets her words.

The boy also says, in some hospitals doctors even made fun of him. However, according to him, the boy met good doctors more often than the bad ones. He’s especially grateful to the doctor, who saw signs of life on his face.

Martin gradually learned to speak, graduated from college and even got a driver’s license.

And in 2009 he married his sister’s friend. They met each other a year before that.

Now Martin calls upon us to watch our words and actions. He asks us to be kind and respect each other. The power of love, faith and hope should not be underestimated. You never need to stop dreaming.

We should accept the words of this guy. After all, he has gone through something horrible and knows for sure what he’s saying. His story inspires and motivates us to never give up.

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