This family gave shelter to a homeless man

There are still people in this cruel world, that are ready to lend a hand to a stranger. One family from Chelyabinsk sheltered in their communal apartment an old man, who used to live on the street for nine years.

Valentina and Konstantin Gulitsyn have a kind heart and help everyone who is in trouble. The spouses saw a homeless man at their entrance and gave him a shelter. They noticed that the old man didn’t look like an ordinary homeless person at all. Despite his poor condition, the man looked educated, never drank alcohol and never smoke.

The old man told that 9 years ago his house burned down with all his documents. He only managed to keep his passport. While he was going through various institutions, trying to restore the papers, he was able to be discharged. And the land on which the house stood managed to be sold. There was already a store built on the site. And as the old man had no relatives, that could give him a shelter, he began to live on the street.

After the Gulitsyns took the man to their place, he ate his fill and slept for several days. The spouses even registered the old man and helped him restore his documents. Now the grandpa gets a pension and is a happy man.

After all, the universe took pity on the old man and sent him kind people, who pulled him out of trouble and gave him a better life.

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