This Courageous Woman Finds Unexpected Positivity in a Life-Altering Stroke

Riona Kelly, a 37-year-old mom of four, faced two very tough events in 2015. First, she had a stroke and couldn’t move her lower body. But the worst part wasn’t that.

Before her stroke, Riona had a car accident, which might have caused her spinal issues. Doctors said she might never walk again.

Riona shared her story in 2017. Her husband of 14 years left her just five days into her hospital stay. She felt devastated. How could she take care of her four kids now?

Her friend Sarah and the kids supported her. Riona realized her marriage wasn’t happy, but they had responsibilities together.

Her husband, Richard, said he wanted a divorce the day before her stroke. Doctors hoped she’d regain some leg movement, but it took a long time.

Riona felt like giving up many times, but she didn’t. She hated using a wheelchair at first and even thought about ending her life. Then she met Keith Mason, a former athlete who became her personal trainer during her tough recovery. They became close.

Riona spent four months in the hospital and improved her leg mobility with Keith’s help and lots of therapy. She still needed a wheelchair for long trips.

With Keith’s support and a special AI frame for her legs, Riona can walk again.

They shared updates on social media during COVID lockdowns, inspiring millions. But it seems their relationship may have soured in 2023. Riona deleted her social media profiles, and Keith hasn’t posted about her.

We hope they’re both well and moving forward. They’ve had an amazing journey, and we’re glad to have been a part of it.

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