This couple has been married for almost 40 years

“If you want your marriage to succeed, then you both should want it!”

Marlo Thomas likes to show her feelings. She compares marriage to a crime that needs to be appeased. The woman has demonstrated her views on marriage in her book, writing: “Marriage is like a vacuum cleaner: you put it to your ear and it sucks all your energy and ambition”.

All this, however, was before meeting Phil Donahue.

Phil found Marlo after his divorce. They later formed a lifelong bond. The man became famous thanks to his “The Phil Donahue Show”. Marlo was one of his guests, and after that show, his life changed completely.

The first date of the couple took place in Chicago in 1977. Phil brought 4 of his children with him. The heart of the actress changed dramatically. Even her friends and family were surprised by these changes.

The couple has a book, where you can find some funny letters from Marlo’s bachelorette party, which reveal the woman’s former views on marriage.

It’s said that Marlo’s mother was shocked the most. During the whole wedding ceremony, she asked Donahue, “How did you seduce her into this?”.

Even strangers expressed disbelief of the woman’s marriage!

The woman has admitted, that she had always had even a little doubt about her marriage. Was she now a hypocrite by getting married if she had spent so much of her life criticizing marriage? Had she disappointed all her fans who used to consider her the embodiment of independence?

There are always ups and downs in everyone’s life. Still, the spouses manage to keep their relationship going. They accept all their arguments as lessons and opportunities to strengthen their love and relationship.

The first period of their marriage, the spouses had to spent in separation because if their careers. This didn’t prevent them from loving and respecting each other. Moreover, Marlo was in a close relationship with his children. The most important thing, as they say, is that you know your partner will always have your back.

“If you want your marriage to succeed, then you both should want it!”, says Phil. His wife shares the same idea. Marlo added she would never want to be anything other than Phil’s wife.

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