This couple exchanged a comfortable life in the city for an eternal yacht trip

Every morning they can have breakfast in a new amazing place

Matt and Jessica have been living on a yacht with their cat for 4 years. They got married back in 2003. As they say, they had a simple American dream – to find a job, buy a house, have two children and a dog.

But instead they started with the cat. And gradually they came to the realization that such a life is not for them. After spending time on the Michigan River in 2007, Matt and Jessica had another dream that they realized a few years later.

That fateful trip to Michigan!!

Matt and Jessica sold all their possessions, quit their jobs and bought a boat.

The whole “family” of the 32-year-old husband and wife, together with their cat, travel around the world on a yacht.

The cat didn’t mind.

This married couple lives on their boat, and does everything on it. They do sports…

They relax…

Every day they can be in a new place, get to see new countries, admire new views.

New impressions await even on the high seas.

It also provides food, hobbies, and even sports.

And beautiful views.

Sleeping on the waves is very pleasant. Peaceful motion calms not only the owner…

And you never know who will be your companion on the journey to the new land.

Surprisingly, they say that cats do not like water, while this one enjoys his new life.

And every morning you can have breakfast in a new amazing place.

And here’s how it all started. 11 years ago, in December 2003, Matt and Jessica got married and began the path to such a wonderful life that they have now.

Would you like such freedom and drive? To me, of course, yes, although I’m still confused – where will they put the crib…?

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