They wanted to hide this baby from society in a mental hospital, but a volunteer couple adopted her and gave her a chance to a happy life

Mui Thomas from Hong Kong differs noticeably from her peers. She’s a heroine at least because she could live up to 22 years.

Because of congenital ichthyosis, her skin is constantly breaking, causing the girl severe pain. Her body is very vulnerable for all kinds of infections. Most part of those people with ichthyosis die in the first years of life.

When Mui was still a baby, volunteers from Germany – Brittany Tina and Roger Thomas – came to her hospital. They got attached to the special girl from the very first moment and started to visit her every day. However, after a while, they found out Mui was being taken to a care-home for intellectually disabled and mentally ill children. According to Roger, this way they wanted to hide the girl from society, as her mental state was in good conditions. At that moment, the couple made a brave and unexpected decision – they adopted Mui!

The girl gradually grew up to a lady, a young woman with self-confidence. To all the gossips and side-glances she answered with a bright smile and nice words. However, this didn’t last forever.

At school, teenagers poisoned her life so much that she even wanted to end it. She wasn’t allowed to some parts of the school, as there was a guy there, who was scared of her to the point of hysteria.

One day even something unbelievable happened! A woman spitted on Tina’s face and started accusing her of burning her daughter.

But, as Roger says, he and his wife always taught their daughter to love herself, her life and the whole world. After all you never know what’s going to happen next.

And Mui could find her place in this world. She became a teacher of underdeveloped children in Hong Kong and a rugby referee. Thanks to sports, the girl gained self-confidence and ability to enjoy life.

Mui says, she’s learned to not care what other people think about her. She encourages all of us not to let any life circumstances retrain us. Diseases and difficulties must not interfere with our happiness.

“I hope, that everyone like me will be able to love their disadvantages and go further. Just because you look different, doesn’t mean you are different. We are all human!”

In 2015 the Hong Kong rugby union awarded Mui for “inspiration before overcoming hardships and difficulties of life”.

If the story of this girl amazed you too, definitely share it with your friends! We should learn to understand and accept those different from us. That’s the duty of every human being!

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