They put a monument in honor of the girl that was still alive

Even a book was written about this little brave girl

It is difficult to realize, but even in modern reality there are stories about children who get lost far from the human habitat. It is even more difficult to realize that not all children are lost in critical situations. Our 4-year-old heroine in this story coped with all the hardships!

Karina Chikitova stayed in the village of Olom in Yakutia during holidays. On the las day of July, she played with her puppy Naida and ran away towards the forest. The girl never came home, and relatives sounded the alarm.

At first, the mother thought that the little girl was taken by her father, who urgently left for a neighboring village to extinguish a fire. A few days later, Talina Chikitova found out that he had not taken Karina anywhere.… The investigation immediately opened a case under the article “Murder”. No one believed that the girl and her beloved dog could disappear just like that.

Dog handlers arrived at the scene. Talina had a heart attack from stress. The 21-year-old girl was taken to Yakutsk. The scouring of the forest continued without her. There was no hope that Karina would be found alive. Everything was aggravated by bears, which were met at a short distance from the village.

30km of dense Yakut forest were combed by rescuers. But no trace of the girl was found. On the ninth day, the first amazing event happened. Karina’s puppy, Naida, came running to the village. She was suffering from dehydration and was barely alive. However, there was hope for Karina’s salvation.

On the twelfth day after the disappearance, the search bodies noticed traces of small feet. So they came out to a tired, mosquito-bitten Karina. She was hiding in a thicket of reeds on the bank of the Biryuk River. At the sight of adults, the girl could only cry and pull her hands to them.

The girl was able to recover after this difficult adventure. The doctors said: “Karina should undergo physical therapy, sessions with a psychologist and have some rest. We were instructed to communicate with the girl as with an ordinary child. Mom is nearby, sometimes it seems that she needs rehabilitation more.”

The history of the Chikitovs stirred up the region. In Yakutsk, a monument was erected to the brave little girl and her dog. A book was written about how Karina survived in the forest. While working on it, it turned out that the quick-witted girl made every effort to survive. She chose a place for a more comfortable overnight stay, tore grass to sleep on it and looked for edible berries.

Everything is fine in Karina Chikitova’s life now. She is studying in Yakutsk, at a choreographic college. As a teenager, Karina dreams of becoming a ballerina to perform in the “Swan Lake”.

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