They met on internet and after a month figured out they were each other’s first childhood love

Childhood love is the most sincere and strong feeling. This story is a proof to that.

Nothing in this life happens by chance. I think everyone has seen this in their own experience more than once. The story of Justin Pounders and Amy Giberson can be a great evidence to this truth. They forgot their childhood love, but fate brought them together.

Justin’s bride, Adriana Robert, was killed 3 years ago. This misfortune plunged the guy into depression, so he moved to live with his mom in Orlando. The mother was strongly concerned about her son, and prayed to God every day for his son to be happy and wealthy.

A year after the tragedy, Justin decided to sign in a dating site. There he met Amy Giberson and realized he was in love. By the way, the feeling was two-sided.

As the guy says, he could feel the stranger’s energy even through the monitor. He immediately realized, he should meet the girl in real life.

A month after they met, something amazing happened! The young people found out they used to know each other in their elementary classes. Here’s how they figured it out: one day Justin mentioned he liked the name Amy, as at school he fell in love with a girl named Amy.

Amy says, after hearing this she even joked saying: “It was not me, so I want to hear nothing about her!”. However, from the conversation it turned out they used to go to the same school. Then they asked their parents to find their childhood photos. Among the photos, Justin’s mom found one from elementary classes. In the photo Justin was with Amy. The girl confesses at that moment she could barely hold her tears back.

Now the lovers are together and are planning to marry soon.

This is how fate brought this two people together, who reached out to each other even in childhood. And do you believe that nothing in this life happens by chance?

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