They look like ordinary twins, but they were listed in the Guinness Book of Records

Maria Jones-Elliot and her husband Chris had always dreamt of having twins. But the spouses had no idea what difficulties they would have to face.

Maria and Chris had already had 2 children. But they were dreaming of twins. And fate decided to make their dream come true. However, the parents had to face a terrible surprise.

At 23 weeks of pregnancy Mary went for her routine check-up. Everything was fine, then she suddenly went into labor. The woman was in shock. The doctors prepared her for the worst…

The mother remembers, it was as if something was pressing hard on her stomach. She thought it was a normal thing during pregnancy. And something happened that made Maria panic – her water broke.

The parents were beforehand morally prepared for the fact, that they might lose their babies. One of the girls was born at the 24th week of pregnancy, without waiting 4 moths before the required deadline. The labor stopped here. Her sister was not in a hurry.

Maria remembers, that period was a hard one for her. The happy expectations turned into a nightmare. One of her daughters was in intensive care, meanwhile the other one almost died in the womb. The woman was praying for a miracle that would save her children. Doctors suggested terminating the pregnancy, but the maternal heart told her to wait. In the end, the labor started at a more or less safe time – at the 37th week. Katy was born safe and sound, weighing 2,5kg.

“When I took Katy in my arms, she smiled at me. The nurse said the girl was healthy, she’s fine, and we both burst into tears. After a few hours the doctor put the baby in an incubator for babies, next to her sister. She smiled at her too. They recognized each other. How touching it was!”.

The girls were listed in the Guinness Book of Records as twins with the longest interval between the births – 87 days!

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