They haven’t seen each other for 56 years, but loved each other all these years

Such wonderful love stories happen not every day.

They were separated by circumstances, but 56 years later met again in their home-village. At that moment both of them realized they still loved each other. This meeting put a start to their new happy life.

Boris and Anna Kozlovs married in 1945. However, three days later after the wedding, the groom had to return to his military service. Anna kissed her husband goodbye and since that moment she had been waiting for her husband. Then the unexpected happened – the girl’s father refused to work on a collective farm. Because of this, he and his family were declared enemies of the nation and sent into exile.

When Anna and her family returned from exile, her mother started insisting that she forgot Boris and started a new life. The woman got rid of all letters and photos of the boy, so that Anna would have nothing reminding of her husband. She even told Anna, that Boris had married someone else.

Anna later told she would cry for days and couldn’t believe that her beloved one would do such a thing. But her mom would shout at her weakness and foolishness, and persuaded her to marry Nefed. “They told me it was my fate”.

After the war, when Boris Kozlov returned home, he couldn’t find his wife at home. She had changed her address and surname. A few years later the desperate man also got married.

It happened so, that Anna’s and Boris’s spouses passed away before them. The Soviet Union collapsed and only then could the daughter of the enemy of nation return to her home-village.

As luck would, the lovers arrived there at the same time. And the thing that they had been secretly dreaming of for many years finally happened.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes. He came to me and looked directly into my eyes. My heart was beating madly, and I had no doubt it was him. Tears of joy poured out of my eyes.”

Only at the age of 80 veteran Boris Kozlov regained the love of his life, about which he couldn’t forget for 56 years.

“Surely there were many women in my life during all these years. But it was Anna I truly loved”.

The night after this incredible meeting Boris and Anna couldn’t sleep. They talked about everything that had happened to them over these years.

Later Boris proposed Anna once again, though she attempted to resist.

“How could I have thought of becoming a bride in my declining years? That was the happiest day of my life!”,- says Anna.

The “new-weds” are no different than young couples in love. They hold each other’s hands, constantly spend time together and never waste a minute on meaningless quarrels.

“And if to love, then only you and the whole world!”,- every day quotes Boris his poems, that he devoted to his beloved wife back in 1945.

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