They found out that they were not brothers after 20 eyars

“My parents were afraid that something would change in our family if we found out the truth”

It turned out that Zhenya and I are uncle and nephew, and not our parents’ own children at all.

Katya and Slava had been living together for many years, but they had no children. The reason was in the father: some kind of hereditary disease caused infertility. Back then, no IVF was done for “mere mortals”, so the only way to get children was adoption. But Katya and Slava somehow wouldn’t have decided on adoption, if not for the case…

The spouses often went to the village to help their parents. Katya’s mother worked as a teacher at a local school, and often talked about her students. So during this visit, Tatiana Mikhailovna began to lament that one of her fifteen-year-old students, Galya, was about to give birth. She went to a summer camp and returned with such a “surprise”. And this girl wants to give up the child in the maternity hospital.

Katya and Slava exchanged glances:

— Maybe we should take the baby from her?

Tatiana Mikhailovna talked to the girl, she agreed, moreover, she was very happy about this idea. And in the evening, her mother came to the teacher’s house. The strange battered woman said from the doorway:

— Don’t you need another child? A three-year-old?

Katya and Slava exchanged glances again, and asked:

— Is there another one?

— Yes, Vitka, Galya’s brother… well, my son turns out. I’m tired of him more than a bitter radish, I want to take him to a shelter.

— Don’t go to the shelter. Bring him here, let’s look at him…

— Gal, bring Vitka!

Well, how not to take him?! Slava took him in his arms and said:

— When are you going to write a refusal?

— Wait… let’s agree on the payment… we’ll give you two children, and what do you give us?

—Oh, you weasel! They would have been handed over to an orphanage, no one would have paid you anything, that’s for sure!

— Oh, come on… well, give me at least some…

— Well, we will pay you, but not much. And form the documents first!

The couple were already returning home with me, a red-haired son, and a month later they brought a “brother”, called Zhenya. That’s how my brother and I grew up for many years, not knowing that our parents are not relatives, and we are not brothers at all.

Everything was revealed only when Zhenya’s mother, Galina, appeared at our house twenty years later. My parents went out to talk to this woman in the entrance, but my brother and I were at home and heard something.

— My mom and I still need money, life is very tight…

— Galya, we paid you in full, and we have everything documented… what to pay for?

— For not telling the guys that they are not your relatives! Do not give money, they will find out everything!

— Okay, how much do you need…

Zhenya and I went out to the entrance to save our parents from this blackmailer:

— Don’t, Dad, let her tell us!

Galya snorted, turned around and left, but we had a serious conversation with the parents. That day Zhenya and I found out who we really are. My parents were afraid that something would change in our family if we found out the truth. But we, on the contrary, began to respect these people even more, who raised and educated us, and gave us, not relatives, all the best.

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