They are so similar! Meeting of an adopted boy with his new grandfather

Parents left Kirill when he was 20 days old. But now the boy lives with a loving family that has given him a great role model.

Lesley and Doug Facey from Canada wanted to adopt a child for a long time. They realized it was high time they did it, when they saw Kirill’s photo from Kazakhstan. Doug immediately thought of the father with the same defect as the boy. After thinking this over, the couple took up the time consuming adoption process.

Kirill misses one of his arms since birth. His parents left him when he was 20 days old.

It wasn’t easy for Facey to adopt the boy. It took them 2 years. As Doug told us, when he saw Kirill’s photo in 2012 for the first time, he realized he wanted to adopt the boy, as he also grew up with a person like him. So this little “problem” didn’t bother him at all. In June, 2014, the married couple finally met their son.

“That was unbelievable! We had been waiting for that moment for so long, and it was unforgettable”,- Facey said.

Many couples didn’t want to adopt Kirill because of his arm. Even the Kazakh judge asked the spouses whether they were ready to truly love and raise such a child. To this, Doug answered he didn’t see any problems in the boy: “The absence of one arm doesn’t make him disabled”.

On Sept 13 Kirill moved to his new family in Paradise. With Grandpa Chris they are now inseparable.

The boy is very proud of his grandpa and sees him as a role model. It’s worth to be mentioned, that Chris is a successful businessman who, by the way, took part in Paralympics.

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