These 3 girls got terrible burns at 17 months. Look what they look like at 27!

In 1998 triplets Jordan, Chandra and Traf went through something horrible. Their house burned down, but the most terrible thing is that their mother Patty died in the fire.

The girls’ father couldn’t get into the kids’ room through the corridor in flames. So he ran around the house and breaking the window took the kids from their room that had turned into hell. Firefighters were taking long…

The sisters were lucky enough to survive the fire. For this the father, as well as the doctors had to work hard in the hospital where the girls spent a few months after the fire. The girls had got severe burns, lost their memory, and this is yet not all.

In 2002 their father died from overdose. The orphans were now under their grandmother’s care.

As the girls grew up to be young ladies, the fatal “traces” of fire became more of a painful problem for them. They were ashamed of themselves and their appearance. Attempts to cover up the scars were unrealistic. So the sisters had to bear the fact that the strangers were constantly staring at them, and ignore them.

The girls didn’t want to spend all their life in such agony. They never gave up and found doctor Jill Waibel, who was specialized in removing burn scars.

The story of the triplets impressed the doctor incredibly, and she agreed to help them and carry out serious operations for free. It was the best gift of fate for Jordan, as she was going to marry anytime soon.

The girls were shocked by their transformation so much, that Jordan couldn’t hold her tears back when she saw her new self in a beautiful wedding dress.

After the successful operation, the triplets now fell more confident and try to give hope to everyone injured in a fire.

Now thousands of people come to Dr. Waibel with one dream – get rid of terrible scars.

The smiles of the triplets still give people hope and faith in the best. They went through many hardships, but it didn’t break their hearts. These hardships only united the sisters and made them incredibly strong!

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