The story of a man, who has already saved more than 2,350,000 lives!

James Harrison from Australia is known as the “man with a golden hand”. Where does this nickname come from?

The fact is that James became a record holder, because he had donated blood more than 1000 times, with the help of which he saved millions of children.

This man’s blood is different. About 50 years ago, doctors found unique antibodies in it helping to avoid Rh incompatibility. Based on them, a vaccine was developed. It was capable of preventing deadly dangers arising between the pregnant woman and her child with different Rh factors.

But why did James start donating blood? He just kept his promise as a real man.

It all started with a complicated surgery that Harrison underwent as a teenager. It took the boy 13 liters of donated blood and 3 months in rehabilitation in clinic. James realized he survived thanks to the donors that once donated blood. And so he made a promise to himself to become a donor as well, when he turned 18. The man said and so he did.

This deed of James became priceless. Thanks to him, a good number of women could become mothers – they gave birth to healthy babies. Till today, it has been established, that Harrison saved 2,4 millions of children. This man’s blood was useful even for his own daughter, that could have a boy with the help of his blood.

It’s already been 50 years, that James Harrison keeps his oath. Even today he keeps donating blood, as he’s sure that life is the greatest gift given to a person at birth.

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