The simple secret of long and happy marriage

Nowadays, it is unusual to see spouses living together for more than a decade. And here are these elderly people who have been married for over 80 years. When you ask them about their secret of a happy marriage, the answer they give is quite simple.

They advise young couples to live each other and never wish anything bad for their life partner. The best way to work things out is talking to each other about their mutual problems and try to find a solution together.
This adorable couple is from North Carolina. Recently, they have celebrated their 82nd anniversary.

D. V. Williams is 103 years old and Willy Williams is 100 years old. Their marriage anniversary took place at the Charlotte Cathedral. They enjoyed their party and definitely deserved to have fun.
They told the guests their life story together. The couple got married during the Great Depression and  the civil war, which helped them develop a strong relationship.

BJ William, their grandson, said, “It’s so nice to see them happy after so many years of hardships!”.

A few more years and the spouses will break a world record of the longest marriage. Current record holders are from Japan.

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